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Reaffirmation of debts may be beneficial in bankruptcy

Debt can quickly add up on anyone in Ohio, if certain unexpected hardships hit the person. These types of hardships are not limited to a certain class of people either. Anyone can suffer medical issues that require extensive medical treatment, lose a job, be the victim of a scam or for many other reasons. However, just as anyone can be the victim of these hardships, anyone can also rid himself or herself of this overbearing debt through the bankruptcy process.

What does the trustee do in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Many people in Ohio are struggling with debt. It can affect people across all spectrums of society and can happen to anyone. This is because no one knows the future, and as much as one tries to protect themselves, unexpected problems can ruin any plan. Costs can add up much quicker than a person can pay, and before they know it, they are drowning in debt.

How can I rebuild my credit after bankruptcy?

If you have recently completed the Chapter 7 bankruptcy process in Ohio, you may be wondering how you can start rebuilding your credit. Although you may have a fresh financial slate and fewer debts to worry about now, it takes time to build credit after bankruptcy. If you are not careful, you could end up making some mistakes that could put you in financial distress again. 

The meeting of the creditors during bankruptcy

The credit industry is important for people in Ohio. It allows them to make big purchases that they are unable to pay-for upfront. This is also a key piece to the overall economy. The economy needs people to purchase goods and services, and credit becomes necessary for companies to sell their goods. As the economy grows, it allows these companies to stay in business and hire employees, which allow people to have income and meet their financial needs.

When people can discharge tax debts through bankruptcy

There are many costs for people in Ohio. Life is not always cheap and often people need to take out loans or incur various types of debts to pay for certain things they need. This is usually not an issue and people are able to make their monthly payments and eventually pay off the debt. However, certain events happen in people's lives and the resulting debt can become overwhelming.

What debt is one not able to discharge in Chapter 7?

People in Ohio cannot predict the future. They can certainly control the decisions they make, which can affect the future, but there are many things that out of one's control. People cannot foresee whether they will be involved in an accident and suffer severe injuries. They may also come down with an illness, lose a job or have a family member suffer one of these types of things. In addition to changing one's life, these types of unexpected changes often are also very costly.

Can I file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is one of the quickest and most effective ways of clearing one's debts, for those who are elegible. Akron residents who are seeking a fresh financial start need to be aware of the factors that are considered regarding their eligibility for filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. An individual, partnership, corporation or other business entity can file for Chapter 7. There is a means test that will be used to determine whether a person can use Chapter 7 or not. Once they clear that hurdle, the debtor will be able to move forward with Chapter 7 independent of how much is owed and the solvency of the debtor.